Toward the future…

I’m a multidiscipline designer with the privilege of leading design at ProtectWise, Inc.—an innovative network security company in Denver, Colorado.  In the near future I’ll be sharing my thoughts, challenges, ideas, and sometimes overly passionate rants about the state of design, user experience, technology, virtual reality, and the potential of the future.

I believe, unapologetically, in the power of technology to advance our species. It is our magic that we wield to enrich or degrade our lives but it is in our hands. The core power of design is the humility in saying, “I don’t know,” and the immense passion in finding those answers with an open mind.

I’ve had the unique privilege to work in a diverse range of design disciplines including architecture, interactive, start-ups, and virtual reality adding each experience and education to the next. Design is where the magic of technology touches our personal lives. I work to make those lives better.